Our Experience

Dr. Lilly D'Angelo is the founder and president of this consulting firm. She has lived and worked around the world for 30 years in the Food and Beverage industry with iconic brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Campbell Soup, Unilever, Danone and ingredient company Tate & Lyle. She leverages her experience, expertise and her network to provide services helping companies to expand business geographically and in new product innovation. Since the launch of her firm in 2018, she has helped startup firms to expand their business, large CPG companies to expand their product line. She also provide expertise and insights for firms in their M&A due diligence process. 

What kind of consultation do we offer?

  • Technology in food and beverage new product development, food and beverage ingredient (sweeteners, emulsifiers, stabilizers etc) research and development
  • Innovation process (e.g. Stage Gate) building and management
  • Laboratory and equipment management
  • R&D Organization development and management
  • Global regulatory compliance for food and beverage
  • Marketing and consumer trends in food and beverage industry globally